Beijing 02 – Airport

Chapter 2 – The Airport

Terminal 3, Beijing Airport

Let’s start this narrative at the beginning with the recently built Terminal 3 of Beijing’s International Airport as that’s the first of the spectacular modern buildings you are likely to see, and which, like so many recent buildings here, was created to accommodate and impress visitors to the Olympic Games.

Take time to appreciate the vast Departure-Concourse which is capable of handling huge numbers of visitors without feeling crowded. Visitors flying with the major worldwide carriers including British Airways and Air China, arrive at this most impressive of structures. Enormous and well designed, it is a functional, modernistic place of beauty and creates an excellent first impression of the City. (And that was written before I became aware that it was designed by our very own favourite Mancunian – (Baron) Norman Foster’s practise!)

Terminal 3, Beijing Airport (picture courtesy of Google)

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